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Digital Party Flyers We design affordable digital special parties and special events.


With so much of our time spent looking at our phone screens, texting has become the go-to option when it comes to communicating with friends and family. So why not send a birthday invitation text to share the news about your upcoming party? But before you do, take a look at this helpful guide that explains how they work and how to create your own digital birthday invitation text design. You’ll also find some of our favorite invitation designs to get you started!


What’s a Birthday Invitation Text?


A birthday invitation text is a lot like a traditional birthday invite — except instead of getting one in the mail or via email, it lands in someone’s text message inbox. Birthday texts are sent via SMS directly to your guest’s cell phone, so they can open them straight away via Facebook, Instagram, emails, etc., or WhatsApp. Much like any other birthday party invitation, birthday invitation texts offer plenty of options. You can transform any email invitation into a text invitation without compromising on making a dazzling first impression. Birthday invitation texts are incredibly practical and make a great option for a sweet 16 party25st birthday30th birthday40th birthday50th birthday, or any milestone birthday bash—big or small. They work for casual backyard gatherings, fancy dinner parties, and everything in between. Why Birthday Invitation Texts Are a Great Idea Convenience is one of the biggest reasons to consider a birthday invitation text. It’s so easy to send and receive. There’s no extra work required on your part to convert any invite design to an SMS version.) All your guest needs to do is open up the message on their phone. Birthday invitation texts also come in handy when you don’t have someone’s email address. Maybe you always chat with your colleagues via WhatsApp or you only have the cell phone numbers of your child’s schoolmates. Now you don’t need to ask for their email to get an invite out to them — simply send them a text. With everyone’s email inbox overflowing with promotions, reminders, and conversations, it can be tough to make your email invite stand out. Instead, send your invite directly to guests’ cell phones, where it will be impossible to miss.


What to Include in Your Birthday Invitation Text


Birthday invitation texts don’t differ too much from traditional paper versions or email invites. Here are all the important details to cover within your birthday party invitation details.


(Time and date)


This is a must-have for your birthday invitation wording—otherwise, your guests won’t be able to join you for some birthday cake and a toast! Let your loved ones know the date and time of your big party, plus the time zone if you’re hosting a virtual party. That way, there’s no confusion over when they should show up. As with the date and time, your party location is another must-have detail. Let your guests know where your get-together is happening, along with the full address. If you can, include details about the best place to park—especially if it’s tricky to find a space nearby.


Birthday Party Details: While


you don’t have to give too much away, sharing a few details about your celebration can really help get your guests excited and plan what they want to wear or bring as a gift. Share whether it’s a fun costume party, a sophisticated dinner party, or a splashy pool party with a BBQ, so people dress appropriately. You also want to be clear whether you’re the host or if you’re planning a surprise party for the birthday guest of honor, so no secrets get spoiled!If you’re still finalizing ideas for your big celebration, or this is the first birthday party you’ve planned in a while, our guide to birthday party ideas will help you put together an unforgettable special event.



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Any digital design without motion or animation will cost you less., We can design any business card for you.and print it for you as well., We can design the business card for fifteen dollars and have it printed anywhere., We design motion and animation for digital special effects. Parties and flyers are emailed and shared on social media with friends and family.


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